Rachel Barber 
1983 - 1999
Official Memorial Website
Administered by Rachel's parents Michael and Elizabeth Barber 

This is the official memorial page administered by Rachel's parents Michael and Elizabeth Barber. It is a beautiful and loving tribute to a young 15 year old girl whose life was stolen from her through the act of a premeditated murder of obsession. 

​​We hope this memorial site portrays her vitality and love for life. 

I would love for Rachel to be remembered.
I would love for Rachel to still have a voice.​​​

Rachel would have grown to be a fascinating woman. She wanted to dance. She wanted to entertain and be a star. As adults we know that life often takes different turns but who are we to deny that Rachel's dream for herself would not have been fulfilled. What's important is that she believed.​

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​In Loving Memory of  Rachel Barber
Rachel's killer, Caroline Reed Robertson, received a total effective prison sentence of 20 years and could have been released August 10, 2013, only 14 1/2 years after her conviction. The Victorian Adult Parole Board released a statement that they would not release Caroline on August 10 but rather review her case at a later period, and in the meantime work on her ongoing management plan.  Rachel's family want Rachel's killer to serve at least 18 years of her total effective sentence of 20 years so she can still be legally monitored on her release. If she were to serve her total prison sentence in prison she could not then be legally monitored, and it is absolutely essential for the benefit and safety of the community that she is monitored on her release.

We are asking the Adult Parole Board of Victoria that they be very careful on deciding when it is safe to release Caroline back into the community because her​​  sentencing judge, Justice Vincent, said he was concerned she may not  be able to be rehabilitated and was concerned  she may reoffend if she became fixated on anyone else. 

Mike and I support parole reform if there is negligible risk to the community​​. It is paramount that parole exists because parole ensues that prisoners released back in to the community are supervised under specific conditions. The Adult Parole Board do not have the legal authority to change a sentence given to a prisoner by the sentencing judge. The Adult Parole Board determines when appropriate supervision for the release of a prisoner can best protect the community. For instance, as I mentioned above, if Caroline Reed Robertson were to serve her total effective sentence of 20 years in prison she could not then be legally monitored on her release.  Monitoring a prisoner on their release is categorically essential for community safety. The hard reality is that as the law currently stands serious violent offenders are released back into the community at some point. Therefore a parole period is essential, without it the community would be at even more risk.



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                                           Finally Found : Honeyz

Rachel dedicated this song to her boyfried Manni, only a few short months before she was murdered. We played this at her funeral, because although we did not find her the way we dearly wished (alive) we still, after two long weeks, found her and brought her home. 

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​I Am You The Movie - Rachel Barber
The Facebook page for the feature film I Am You also known as In Her Skin, and administered by the film's Writer and Director, Simone North.The film, which Mike and I and Rachel's sisters  were consultants to, retells the story of our search for Rachel and her murder. This film along with the book Perfect Victim gives Rachel a voice.

​​Against Caroline Reed Robertson Getting Parole in 2013
The English group Facebook page administered by Michelle Petty, and originally set up by Michelle's daughter on reading Perfect Victim.

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This Rachel Barber Official Memorial page, which is lovingly constructed in memory of our cherished daughter, is administered by Rachel's parents Michael and Elizabeth Barber.  Recently (2014) I, Elizabeth, have wanted to close down these pages because of continuing abuse by internet trolls, however Michael says it is a memorial to Rachel and should remain. 
25th November, 2014

It was made public today, and I understand by Caroline's lawyer in the Supreme Court of Victoria, that Caroline Reed Robertson (the murderer of our beautiful daughter Rachel) will be granted parole from January 20, 2015. As a registered victim of crime we have been aware of the Adult Parole Board of Victoria's decision for some weeks now, but were not permitted to reveal this information. However, now this is public knowledge ​I will comment.

It worries me that Caroline expressed concerns for her mental health in the Supreme Court (25/11/2014) if footage of her police interview was aired on national television. ​​If she is expressing concerns for her mental health before she is released on parole what level of rehabilitation does the Adult Parole Board of Victoria deem adequate for her not to be a risk to our community?

Caroline exhibits concerns for her family. She expresses anguish they have been threatened and have had to move residence because of increased public attention to her crime as her parole draws near. She mentions the book I co-authored called Perfect Victim and the film I Am You. I ​​am pleased she is taking responsibility for her actions when she says it is she who is guilty and not her family. However, where is the remorse for Rachel? We still do not know what day Rachel was murdered. If Caroline were remorseful she could inform the parole board of this information. I will state the obvious. Rachel lost her life because of Caroline's crime. It is not only Caroline's family who have suffered because of her crime, primarily it is Rachel and her/our family. Caroline should not insinuate it is the book or film's fault that her family is currently suffering. It is Caroline's crime that is solely responsible for this.

However, having said this, when she is released on supervised parole I ask that people do not harass her family or Caroline. She must be given the opportunity to quietly readjust to life outside of prison. With the correct supervision and support she will hopefully keep to herself and not reoffend. No one wants Caroline Reed Robertson to commit another crime. I can only hope that the Adult Parole Board of Victoria are sure she is rehabilitated, and is so without doubt.